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The herb Rosemary and how to use it.



Rosemary is a herb, is a hardy green spiked evergreen plant with little blue flowers when in bloom. Rosemary grows in a mediteranan area but will do in many other climates. Rosemary’s fragrance is very strong and it is wonderful to spice potatoes and meat and add to olive oil. Rosemary protects the olive oil from going bad and will contain anti oxidants from the rosemary and is also called a medicinal herb.


"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance."
-- Shakespeare's Hamlet to Ophelia

Rosmarinus is from the old Latin for 'dew of the sea'. It is used as a symbol for remembrance and friendship. The green is very decorative and is nice in potpourri or in dried bouquets.


Usage: in foods, backed it becomes a stronger flavor. Dried or fresh in meat/ fish dishes and perfect in salad dressing.


Rosemary herb has anti-inflammatory properties, relaxes muscles and is the herb, which is highest in anti oxidants. Rosemary also has progesterone-binding capacities. Use it as much as you can.


The best remedy to use topically for all arthritis, contusions, sprains and as a great massage oil see Soothex. Rosemary is anti cancerous see the following research: 

Chi-Tang Ho, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Food Science at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey did research on applying topically rosemary oil on the skin of experimented animals to reduce cancer. He found a reduce risk for cancer in the animals who received rosemary on the skin the animals who did not receive rosemary oil. Researchers at the University of Illinois in Urbana researched that rosemary cut by half the incidence of breast cancer in animals at high risk for developing the disease. If this counts for people is the question not yet researched. To apply it in the form of the herb internally and the oil externally will help us any now.

As dried herb no side effects are know as oil: DO NOT TAKE IT INTERNALLY AND KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

Side effects: Never use Rosemary oil internally. Can cause up set stomach and too much might be toxic.

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